Harvard Darfur Action Group brings together students from Harvard’s graduate and undergraduate campuses, all committed to waging constructive and efficient campaigns to help end the genocide in Sudan.

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HCDAG is only as effective as the strength of it membership. We welcome your support of these
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December 2nd - 4th, 2005

Boston Area Darfur Activism Conference
a STAND and GI-Net event

Organized by student groups from:

Boylston Hall, HARVARD YARD

Since 2002, genocide in Darfur has over 300,000 dead, 4500 villages destroyed and over 2.2 millions displaced in camps with inadequate food, water, shelter, or medical care.

But genocide doesn't just happen. It's stoppable and it's preventable. Come learn how and why at the Boston Area Darfur Activism Conference, organized by students from Harvard, Brandeis, Tufts, and Georgetown.
Over the course of the weekend, you will not only hear from experts in panels and workshops, at movie viewings, and at a book signing. You will be also be an active participant in regional networking and the
official launch of a nationwide anti-genocide constituency.

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Sponsored by: Harvard Darfur Action Group

Co-sponsored by:
Kuumba * Harvard African Student Association * Harvard Black Students Association * Harvard Black Men's Forum * Harvard Hillel * Association of Black Harvard Women * Harvard Friends of Amnesty International *
Harvard International Development Organization * Harvard Radcliffe Christian Fellowship * Harvard Radcliffe Asian American Christian Fellowship * Ann Radcliff Trust Fund

Endorsed by:
Harvard Graduate Council * Education School Council* Graduate School of Arts & Science Council * Medical School Council * Harvard Human Rights Journal * HLS Advocates for Human Rights * KSG Human Rights Professional Interest Council


For more information, contact ronc@fas and jmorse@fas


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Google News: Sudan
The Sudan Tribune
allAfrica.com: Sudan
ERIC REEVES: http://www.sudanreeves.org/index.php?name=News
Recent UN reports
: http://www.darfurinfo.org/un.html

For important articles, reports, and documents on the Darfur Crisis, visit the International Crisis Group's Webpage, as well as SaveDarfur.org's news updates.
For real-time Blog articles and news updates, also visit passionofthepresent.org.
For articles on Sudan Divestment, visit SudanDivestment.org's news site.

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